How to Know If You’re Receiving Calls From TripAdvisor Users

You may hear: “Hello, a TripAdvisor user is calling you,” the next time you pick up your restaurant’s phone. Here’s what it means for your business.

It can be really difficult to tell where phone calls to your restaurant come from. Did they find you online, hear about you from a friend, or see a recent article about your restaurant? It’s nearly impossible to know.

That’s why we added a new, free feature that allows you to know exactly whether or not someone calling your restaurant is calling from TripAdvisor. If a customer clicks on the phone number listed on your TripAdvisor page and dials, you’ll hear, “Hello, a Tripadvisor user is calling you.” Then, you’ll be connected with the customer.

The phone number that appears on your Tripadvisor listing may be different from your business’ phone number. This is so you can see exactly who is calling you from Tripadvisor. Any customer call is redirected to your phone number with the Tripadvisor message playing ahead of the call. You won’t be charged for any calls coming from this service, and customers won’t hear the message — only you will.

We’ve put together some frequently asked questions about the service and what it means for your business:

Frequently Asked Questions: Tripadvisor Phone Calls

Does this cost money?

This service is free for any restaurant on Tripadvisor and is not part of any of our paid restaurant solutions. Your restaurant will not be charged for any phone calls you receive from Tripadvisor.

Check if your restaurant is listed on Tripadvisor here.

Where is this available?

Currently, we are testing this service to a small number of restaurants in the United States. We’re working on expanding it to other countries.

Why is it a different phone number than my real phone number?

We are not changing the existing number for your business; only the number displayed in your Contact Details section of your Tripadvisor listing will change. All calls will be seamlessly redirected to your business’ phone number. The only difference is that you will now hear, “Hello, a Tripadvisor user is calling you,” before you are connected to the customer, so you will know for sure when a potential guest found you on Tripadvisor. You can see the number of phone calls you receive from Tripadvisor in the “Trends” section of your Management Center Homepage.

See how to update your contact information here.

How are you protecting the privacy of my phone calls?

Tripadvisor does not have access to your phone calls and no recordings of calls are made. The service is only to alert you when a Tripadvisor customer is calling you.

How is this different from Tripadvisor Telephone Lead Management?

If your restaurant is part of a hotel, you may already have Telephone Lead Management. Read the full guide to Telephone Lead Management here.

Receiving lots of TripAdvisor calls? Make the most of your Tripadvisor listing with our getting started guide.

Receiving lots of TripAdvisor calls? Make the most of your Tripadvisor listing with our getting started guide.


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